My name is Amadou Wuri Bah, I am a Gambian by birth, and I leave in a town called Brikama. I had undergone the formal educational system of my country and stop at grade 12. Since then, I was involved in petty trading at the Brikama market with my dad.

I was introduced to Yepafrica in 2016 a year after completing my grade 12 and acquired the opportunity to follow the Empowerment and Marketing Essential training program for one month. This program exposed me to the essence of knowing the market as an entrepreneur, develop my time management skills, develop my marketing communication skills and build connections/networking skills. The training program also enlightening me to know who I am, to move out of my comfort zone, to think out of the box and create something out of nothing.

Upon the successful completion of the one month Marketing Essential training program, I became an automatic member of the Young Social Entrepreneurs Network Group (YSENG) from Yepafrica. I then developed a marketing plan to improve the standard of the business I am doing with my dad and took the higher responsibility of improving the connection of the business for higher growth. Since then the business has improve from retail business to both whole sale and retail business.

As an empowered youth who have the dream of investing in animal husbandry since I was a child, I already buy the land space and want to invest on this business before the next 3 years where I can create employment opportunity for others in my society as a social entrepreneur.

I wish to thank Yepafrica The Gambia for their benevolent support in empowering the youth to be the change and serve the world!! Through Yep plus my own commitment, I am able to follow by dream and live with it. But still the challenge remained for expansion due to where I started, and I will therefore appreciate any support towards attaining my set goals.


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