I am Edriss Muhamad L. Manneh, from the Gambia. I am a young Pan African with 28 years of age. I am a qualified, dedicated and experienced humanitarian worker, specialized in areas such as emergency bulletin, rapid assessment, emergency market mapping, response option analysis, cash transfer programming, livelihood and food security, crises management, migration to name a few.

I currently work for Gambia National Disaster Management Agency as ICT & Geographic Information Systems Officer. In 2014-2015 i worked as a World Bank staff under a project in urban rural socio-Development as the GeoData management officer and IT support staff. This has seen me plan, implement, evaluate and report on programs that provide both immediate emergency relief and sustainable local development. I have overseen the distribution of essential foods and supplements, provision of logistical and technical support to NGO’s and UN bodies. This role has also involved mapping hotspot areas vulnerable and prone to disasters,collecting and analyzing data of the affected victims which has helped me and the entire operation team in rapid assessment and emergency response in disaster management.

This experience in humanitarian relief, has given me knowledge and perspective in humanitarian emergency situations, and an understanding of the importance of developing sustainable community development programs. My life and career have been driven by a strong passion to alleviate the suffering of disadvantaged people. I joined YEP Africa in 2012 through my brother Alhasan Badjie, when Alhasan fully explained to me what YEP Africa means and does, I didn’t hesitate to request a form just to be part of life’s best changing organisation.

YEP Africa becomes more than what i expected. It totally changed my life, way of thinking and doing things from one level to another with great impact. It has make me realize that power can be taken, but not given. The process of taking is EMPOWERMENT in itself and YEP African has really empowered me. That’s why in the heart of YEP I found my dream.

Today I possess excellent Organisational skills and an ability to maintain the big picture while attending to details. I am a good communicator, with an ability to manage large teams of people; and I remain calm and positive under pressure, especially in what can be difficult or traumatic situations.

I have a strong academic grounding in humanitarian work, project management and having completed a National Disaster Response Training (NDRT-Humanitarian Aid and Development) with the IFRC, British Red Cross, Gambia Red Cross and Senegalaise Croix Rouge and also Protection of vulnerable migrants in west and central Africa with the (IOM), First Aid, Diploma in Computer studies, professional certificate in CCNA, GSM Engineering and Programming , Geographic Information Systems (G.I.S), Cyber Security, Art of Entrepreneurship and certificate in International Disaster preparedness from Koffi Annan International Peacekeeping Center (Accra-Ghana).


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