I am proud to be associated with Yepafrica The Gambia as a young person. I am Fatou Trawally a 29 year old young entrepreneur who was empowered and motivated by the Yepafrica Youth movement.

I first join the art of entrepreneur program organized by Yepafrica in the year 2012 where I realized my potential and get the motivation of not only becoming a whose wife but an individual who will work on a carrier so as to be able to work on my own future plan.

I now have my own hair dressing saloon and am able to make a living out of it. I currently have two other young people who are now serving as apprentice. They are learning handicraft skills that will enable them to become more productive in the society whiles earning a living. I plate and design different hair styles with different prizes.

Through my job, I am now able to pay for my children’s school bills as well as cater for their other basic and priorities needs. For me, an entrepreneurship livelihood skill is the only sustainable way for self independence and I will never forget this because of my relations with Yepafrica The Gambia.

Finally, I wish to thank all the colleagues at Yepafrica and as well my husband for making me who I am today. My monthly income has significantly increased also as a result of my own private saloon. During feasts, I collect a lot s of money and I am now able to make a lot of friend within my community and this direct bearing on the profit making progress of my business.


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