Bakary Sanyang

Bakary Sanyang is a single man, 37 years of age, who lives in Kwinellaand. He is one of the promising entrepreneurs and proprietors of Sony Organic which was founded in 2016. Bakary's business is based on organic production, in which he uses natural ingredients, such as Aloe Vera and beeswax.

His business focuses on producing skin oils, hair creams and organic medicines. Besides his organic product business, he is also interested in gardening. His dream is to continue to evolve within the sector of organic production and gardening. Many people are interested in his products because of their effectiveness in fighting skin infection and diseases.

The success of his business and of Bakary himself as an entrepreneur is because people want to be healthy and Bakary's products help them to achieve that goal. The main challenges and obstacles encountered by Bakary are the opportunities to produce and distribute his products on a large scale. Beside these challenges, he also does not have sufficient capital to expand his business. He tries to overcome these challenges by producing, distributing and selling as many products as possible.

According to Bakary, the 'Marketing Essentials' training course which he attended at Yepafrica has helped him to continue to develop his business, as he gained knowledge about marketing development.

To grow his business further still, Bakary argues that public awareness is needed about the importance of the use of organic and non-chemical products.