Reasons why we decided to support Yepafrica


In 2011 I went for a holiday to The Gambia and I was touched by the people. A country with not much to give, but inspiring people. Friendly and wise, but poor. I wanted to give back, so in 2013 I joined Yepafrica and visited the ‘Yeppers’ in The Gambia.

Over the years I was able to share my knowledge as an entrepreneur and marketeer in train-the-trainer workshops. I experienced the energy of the young Gambians while building the Yepafrica Learning Centre. And now they have empowered over 1,000 youth. And those young people help their friends and family as well. So there must be thousands of people reached by now. Every time I visit the Yeppers inspire me again with their strength and ambitions. They make ‘creating out of nothing’ an art. I strongly believe every time I learn more from then, then they do from me…

In all those years I have met so many young people that changed their lives after getting in touch with Yepafrica. They now run their own business, work in healthcare or education. And they make a living for themselves and their families. I am happy and proud to be a part of that movement.


Sabine Kokee
Telephone: (0031) (0)6 – 23 56 51 84