Through intrinsic motivation, we empower African youth to take responsibility for creating their own lives and consequently their own future, in an active and properly thought-through way.




By offering empowerment and entrepreneurship training programmes for young people at our Learning Centres after they have finished or left school. These centres are managed and operated by young people, who are carefully selected and trained for the job. After having attended our training programme(s), the young entrepreneurs can become a member of the Youth Entrepreneurs' Network, where they can be inspired and inspire others.

They become a movement of role models and change agents for their fellow youth and their communities. In a very sustainable and natural way, they make people aware that it is possible to create a future out of poverty.

Our goal is that the growing number of members of the Social Entrepreneurs' Network will sponsor the Learning Centres, thus creating a value chain with more people entering the Learning Centres and more people becoming entrepreneurs, resulting in a significant reduction in youth unemployment through the creation of jobs.

Youth as the catalyst for change!