Edriss Muhamad L.

Manneh is a young Pan African at the age of 28 years. He is a qualified, dedicated and experienced humanitarian worker, among others specialized in areas such as
emergency bulletin, rapid assessment, emergency market mapping, response optionanalysis and cash transfer programming.

He is currently working for Gambia National Disaster Management Agency as ICT &Geographic Information Systems Officer. In 2014/2015 he worked as a World Bank staffunder a project in urban rural socio Development as the GeoData management officer andIT support staff. This has shown him how to plan, implement, evaluate and report on programs that provide both immediate emergency relief and sustainable local development.

Edriss has overseen the distribution of essential foods and supplements, provision oflogistical and technical support to NGO’s and UN bodies. In his words: “This experience inhumanitarian relief, has given me knowledge and perspective in humanitarian emergence situations, and an understanding of the importance of developing sustainable community development programs.”

Edriss joined Yepafrica in 2012 through his brothe Alhasan who fully explained to him what Yepafrica means and does. Edriss argues that he did not hesitate to request a form just to be part of life’s best changing organisation. According to Edriss, Yepafrica became more than what he expected, as it totally changed his life, way of thinking and doing things from one level to another with great impact.