Frances Gomez 

Frances Gomez is a 33 years old single man living in the Serrekunda area. His dream is to lead his own successful company and contribute his quarter in the reduction of unemployment rate, as well as enhancing the socio-economic advancement of the country. Frances is currently working as a housekeeper at the Sea Front Resident Hotel, but hopes to develop himself from being employed by others to self-employed.

What motivates him to work as a housekeeper for now is the opportunity to gain new knowledge and to learn new skills in the hotel business. The customers that mainly benefit from his service are the tourists, but that are not the only people benefiting from his services.

What makes him successful in his job is hard work, confidence and determination to develop himself as an entrepreneur. Beside these factors he argues that proper financial management is also needed, a skill that he has learned during the Marketing essentials training of Yepafrica that he attended in 2018.

Using the skills he has learned during this training, Frances is nowadays saving money and applying for loans and grants to create his own business. By doing so, he hopes to tackle his main challenges and obstacles, which are the lack of basic necessary materials and financial requirements, so that he can fulfill his dream.

According to frances the tourist industry delivers an income for many gambians, making the gambian society benefiting from the tourist industry and services such as he delivers.