Muhammad Jarju

Muhammad Jarju , a 29 year young man, is a returned migrant who has one time lost hope in the possibilities of making it here in the Gambia. Upon his return from Libya in 2017 as irregular migrant to Europe, Muhammad was completely desperate and traumatized.

In 2018 he decided to join the empowerment and entrepreneurship training at Yepafrica, which certainly impacted his strength and assertiveness in believing in himself and working towards the realization of his dream.
According to Muhammed, his dream is to own a food commodity wholesale store, as food is a convienance good and essential to our daily lifes.
He concluded by emphasizing the need for financial assistant as one of his major standing challenge preventing him from his start up.

Having said that, Muhammed wholeheartedly acknowledged Yepafrica and proudly recommended the org to continue extending such an important training program for vulnerable youth out there. And finally said by hug or hag, he means and shall stand by his aspiration.

Muhammed is currently working at dominos beach bar & restaurant on a voluntary base just to avoid doing nothing, whiles working tremendously on various strategies to fulfill his dream.