Muhammed Njie
Muhammed Njie, a married man at the age of 35 who is currently living in Brikama, nowadays has his own business in which he focuses on the making of bags and shoes.
Inspired by the dream to have his own big company in the end, he started his business in 2017.

He attended the Marketing essentials training of Yepafrica in 2018. He explains that this training of Yepafrica has impacted him and his business in several ways, as he learned the skills to further develop his own business.
When you ask him whether he is self-employed or employed by others, he proudly announces he is self-employed.

According to Muhammed not many Gambians are working in the bag and shoes making business, which motivates him even more to continue his work and to fulfill his dreams in the end.
Muhammed sees everyone as his customer, which makes many Gambians benefiting from his services.

According to him that what is needed to become a successful entrepreneur and to develop a successful business is hard work, determination and big dreams.

The major challenges and obstacles he encountered while developing himself as an entrepreneur were the lack of the right materials and financial support. What he does to address these challenges are large scale production, distribution and gaining financial support.

His bags and shoes can be used for multiple years and are made on a recycled basis, making his business good for the environment.