Wahab Manneh

Wahab Manneh, a 26 years old single man living in Sukuta, is the proprietor of the Business Time Magazine. Despite the fact that he is already self-employed, he hopes to further develop himself and dreams of becoming a successful business men.

Wahab is currently promoting and sharing information, a service that he picked up on after completing the Marketing essentials training and Business plan training from Yepafrica in 2017 and 2018. After completing both trainings, he started his business in 2018. He views both the public and private sector as his customers, as he offers information to both sectors.

One of the challenges he is facing is the lack of owning the required machines to increase his production. He aims to overcome this challenge by building partnership and corporations with other competitors. According to Wahab many Gambian youths lack the right materials that are required to start up their own business. Due to the trainings of Yepafrica and the skills he learned, Wahab knew how to start up his own business and how to get the materials that he needed to start up his business.

According to wahab the success of his business lies in the facts that he has built a big network with who he shares his information and his co-operation with other proprietors.