Our values


The four core values of Yepafrica, our 4 E’s:








* Empowerment

Change starts with personal awareness and engagement.

When, as an individual, you are valued for who you are, you can stop competing with others and start living your own dream. Awareness and commitment are prerequisites. Inner change can come about by becoming aware of one’s own qualities and limitations.


For all her members, Yepafrica creates an environment that stimulates independence. Taking initiative completely on your own, not because it’s good or bad and not because someone else asked for it, but purely because YOU want it, leads to creativity and getting everything out of one’s potential.


* Entrepreneurship

Channel passion into action, in creating a sustainable future


Entrepreneurship is an attitude. Therefore nurses, garbage collectors and marketing managers are entrepreneurs for Yepafrica if they act as such.

An entrepreneur is able to create his/her own possibilities out of nothing. He or she thinks out of the box and dares to takes risks. With his innovative vision he inspires others who share his vision to work with him. The most important aspect of an entrepreneur is that he actually activates his ideas under the motto ‘you are the change!’.


* Ethics

Respect for all that lives


In spite of a strong focus on our aspiration or goal, the way to reaching this goal is just as important. Our aspiration is not the ‘be-all and end-all’. This is the reason why Yepafrica is an organization for seekers/searchers. Seeking for the best road to take. The balance between personal and group interest, long-lasting solutions, and people friendly and environmentally friendly methods. These are Yepafrica’s ethics.


With long-lasting solutions, we mean:

The energy we put into volunteer work must not get lost but must multiply in a positive spiral contributing to the positive development of man, environment and/or country.

Knowing that everything aimed at speed, profit and power is not sustainable. Everything that is driven by human values has a stronger foundation and is therefore sustainable.


* Equality

All different All equal


Everyone within Yepafrica is valued and respected for who and what he or she is. Yepafrica believes that the diversity of people leads to creativity. We all work with one united vision, but each individual gives his or her own interpretation to this vision using his or her personal capabilities and qualities. Each and everyone’s voice within Yepafrica is important. In this way we create a ix of people who do not try to convert each other. Religions, ideoligoes, origins, prejudices and opinions are put aside. Living up to this shared vision will be a force of attraction for many. Yepafrica will become a magnetic center for kindred spirits.


Result: engagement!


All above values are the ingredients for making the change. What’s more, each action must have focus. Even the strongest actions can be worthless if there is no clear vision, focus and eye for detail.


After all, a tree is recognized by the fruit is bears!