Yusupha Kujabie

Yusupha Kujabie , a 31 year old young man residing in Makumbaya , is the proprietor of Eat Organic Pure Vegetable Garden. Kujabie is an ambitious and dedicated youth entrepreneur venturing in agri business since 2017 and eventually providing great benefit to the society invarious forms.

Upon completion of his training on entrepreneurship, empowerment and marketing essentialprogram at Yepafrica in 2017, Yusupha was able to have better understanding of the challenges required for one to become successful, and the important of believing in yourself and your dream.
He stated that his dream is to become one of the successful youth entrepreneurs in Agric Business and to fight food insecurity and unemployment among young people.
According to Yusupha, despite his zeal and courage to stand by the obstacles, he is still battling with major challenges like insecurity fens to prevent animal entry, insufficient water supply and basic farm tools, as well as the capital requirement for business expansion and mobility for easy distribution to far customers.

yusupha : “i developed various skills like panel beating, driving etc , but i decided to drop all those and focus on my dream for self reliance and sustainability. i believed in new possibilitie s! which can only be realized through hard work, determination and clear sense of vision."