Aminata Jobarteh

Aminata Jobarteh, a single 21 years old female currently living in sukuta, is nowadays a self-employed business woman. she owns her own business, offering burti, tie and dye, macramé and weaving services. beside the success of her current business, she has the dream to further develop her business and to own her own business center.

after aminata finished her school in 2018, her sister motivated her to start her current business. she thus views her sister as one of the main contributors of her current success. beside the lovely support of her sister, aminata argues that the yepafrica marketing essentials training that she followed in 2018 has also contributed to the development of her business.

according to her yepafrica teaches these skills, which is from significant relevance to create your own business. after completing the training, she had more knowledge on how to manage her own business and this has contributed to her success.

aminata claims all people in the society are her customers as people from all kind of backgrounds are interested in her services. she tries to be different from others working in the same branch by being creative in her designs. despite her creative designs, aminata encounters difficulties in her job such as the lack of distributors and marketing issues. she hopes to overcome these challenges by joining other businesses so that they can work together and hopefully gain more customers.

aminata argues that many youths lack the right marketing skills to develop their own business.