Tako Badjie

Tako Badjie is a single 25 years old female living in Lamin who has her own tailoring business since 2015. When you ask her what her biggest dream is, her eyes light up while speaking about becoming a well-known fashion designer. Despite her bigger dream, she is nowadays proud to be self-employed and to be able to own her own business.

Her passion for fashion motivated her to further develop herself into tailoring as she has always loved fashion and witnessed how people became more interested into fashion for over the last years. She creates high valued products like bags, school uniforms and all kind of outfits people ask her for.

According to Tako the major challenges and obstacles she encounters are the lack of a reliable market and the pressure she feels because of her insufficient knowledge. To address those challenges she aims to further implement the marketing skills and customer management skills she learned during the marketing essential training of Yepafrica which she followed in 2018.

Tako makes a lot of people happy within her neighbourhood and even creates clothes for some Spanish customers.